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AwesomeWM is my favorite window manager in Arch linux. If you like programming (Lua) and prefer perfect fit environment to your workflows - there is no better solution as AwesomeWM! This article is about my personal components, configuration and keybindings for this fantastic WM.

Do you have problems that the NTFS is locked by win10 and Linux can open ntfs partition with read-only access only? There are commands; how to solve it!

Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds Addon is awesome and fantastic game after serveral years. If you love Witcher 3, this is mainly game for you. Main Horizon series character is Aloy. Aloy is a wonderful woman. You will literally experience her sorrows and missions...

Clipmenu is a simple clipboard manager using dmenu (or rofi with CM_LAUNCHER=rofi) and xsel. similar is

The server clipmenud (deamon) has to be started. I'm starting this server by my ~/.config/awesome/ run clipme...

Arch Base System Installation

Download Arch ISO, use Rufus software to flash Disk.

Use cfdisk -l, use cfdisk /dev/nvmeXn1, check which partitions p5, p6. Create UEFI by +256M, change partition type to EFI System (type 1), root partition set to Linux system.

Create filesystem:


My favorite distro wallpapers. I attached several wallpapers for each good distro ;-)

I hope that there will be some your favorite wall too.