Do you have problems that the NTFS is locked by win10 and Linux can open ntfs partition with read-only access only? There are commands; how to solve it!

Fix locked NTFS partition

First unmount your ntfs partition, because if it is locked, the partition is set to read-only mode.

sudo umount /mnt/hdd2tb

After that call command ntsfix with uuid of your ntfs partition which has to be fixed.

 sudo ntfsfix /dev/disk/by-uuid/2CE8875EE88724E4     

If the command is successful, you will see fixed success output logs from script. After it you can mount your partition again with read and write rigths.

sudo mount -o rw /dev/disk/by-uuid/2CE8875EE88724E4 /mnt/hdd2tb

DONE ;-)

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