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Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds Addon is awesome and fantastic game after serveral years. If you love Witcher 3, this is mainly game for you. Main Horizon series character is Aloy. Aloy is a wonderful woman. You will literally experience her sorrows and missions...

I completed Horizon Zero Dawn and Addon with 53 level with 86% completed all content. There are some my notes, screenshots, images about Aloy.

Aloy: Horizon Series Links

There are a lot of written about this game. There are several very good links for gaming guide, art, additional content.

  • Horizon Wiki Pages - The best source of information about the Horizon series of games, written for fans, by fans.
  • Ancient Armory Quest - Best armor for alloy. Watch this youtube video too.
  • Best weapons - Best weapons are placed in the frozen wilds country. You need Bluegleams. For me best is Banuk Striker and Adept Striker (in new game+).

Horizon Zero Dawn Theme Song

Aloy Pinterest

My Aloy Pinterest Links

Aloy Art

My Aloy Screenshots

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